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A 501c3 nonprofit organization


Mentor and Mentees South Carolina



By supporting Lowcountry Youth Services financially, you can help change the lives of children in need and positively impact their future. Programs such as The Distinguished Gentlemen's Club, Queens Being, Young Men Rise, Girls on the Rise, and Young Leaders Institute are designed to provide consistent, positive support to children from challenging family circumstances such as poverty, abuse, or neglect. Without this guidance, these children may struggle to navigate life's challenges and fall into negative patterns that could impact their future.


Lowcountry South services are funded solely by organizations and individuals who believe in supporting young people in the community. Your donation can make a real difference in a young person's life, helping them achieve success and break the cycle of poverty and disadvantage. With your help, Lowcountry Youth Services can reach more children throughout Charleston, Berkeley, and Dorchester, providing them with the guidance and support they need to achieve their goals and realize their full potential.


Remember, you are one step closer to changing someone's life. Let's make a difference together and give these children the chance they deserve to succeed and thrive.

The Lowcountry Youth Service's mission is to create and implement mentoring programs that will give youth the tools they need to thrive in life.

mentorship impact in south carolina
mentorship impact


"Having Lowcountry Youth Services come and bring Young Men Rise to my school has really had a positive impact on my scholars academically and behaviorally."

Bernard Williams

Stono Park Elementary School

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If you prefer not to pay with a credit/debit card, feel free to mail us your contribution.


Please make checks payable to:

Lowcountry Youth Services

P.O. Box 62216,

North Charleston SC 29419

We want to thank you in advance for considering donating to our program-- regardless of the donation size. Your contribution will continue to help us as we focus on the character, leadership, and social development of our children.

Mentor and Mentees South Carolina

How You Can Help

There are countless ways you can help us! You can make a donation (however big or small), join our fundraiser events, or volunteer your time as a mentor.

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