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Mentor and Mentees South Carolina


Empower a Young Mind, Become a Mentor 

Thank you for considering becoming a mentor and positively impacting a young person's life. Being a mentor can be incredibly rewarding and is one of the most important things you can do for a child. As a mentor, you can help a child believe in themself, build confidence and provide guidance, encouragement, and support. It is also essential to ask questions and challenge the mentee to help them grow. A few hours a month can make a big difference in a young person's life! Time truly equals influence. 


Our mentoring program supports young people who are striving to develop their character. The youth referred to in our program come from diverse backgrounds and may be dealing with disrespect or simply seeking a sense of community. Our organization always seeks dedicated individuals from the community to serve as Group Mentors and support these young people. 

Mentors meet 2 to 4 hours a month with mentees. This provides time to develop a consistent, positive, healthy relationship. Group Mentors also meet up to 4 hours a month to support group outings and group activities.

Mentor and Mentees South Carolina

How You Can Help

There are countless ways you can help us! You can make a donation (however big or small), join our fundraiser events, or volunteer your time as a mentor.

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