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Mentor and Mentees South Carolina



Queens Being is a mentoring program that empowers young women ages 11-18 by providing a positive and supportive community. 


Our mentoring program offers the following: 

- Exceptional opportunities for enrichment and leadership development, allowing young women of color to become leaders who positively impact their communities. 

- Small-group mentorship to empower young women of color to create and shape their purpose and identity through unique experiences. 

- Intentional activities and conversations that address risk behaviors related to sexual reproductive health and dating violence, helping young women to make informed decisions. 


Through Queens Being, young women will find their voice, develop skills, boost self-confidence, expand creative expression, explore educational and career paths, and build strong bonds within a multigenerational and intercultural community. 


Three core focus: 
> College and Career Readiness 
> Positive Identity Development 
> Healthy Living 



I am a QUEEN, 
I am a part of a POSITIVE sisterhood, 

I am true to my GOD, my COMMUNITY, 
and MYSELF. 
I am LOVE, I am PURPOSE. I was made with 
I have the power to create CHANGE 
I will set and achieve my GOALS, 
I will carry myself in a way that reflects my 
I will respect my SISTERS, ELDERS, BROTHERS 
and MYSELF, 

There are several incentives and rewards in place for each member that follows the expectations set by the program. The members enjoy gatherings at the bowling alley, skating rink, movie theatres, etc. as a result of good behavior and good character. All of these, of course, is predicated on the progress and growth of the club members. Queens’ Being also has several events that are planned each year for the girls:


LYS Kickoff
A jump start to the year where our members and families come together to celebrate a new year of service and mentorship.

LYS Awards and Induction Ceremony
This is a recognition ceremony for the mentees who committed to the success of the program throughout the year with consistent participation at monthly sessions and community service projects and recognizing each child for their academic successes. After the applicants complete the required process, they will be recognized as an official “Queen”.


QB Retreat
This is a celebration of a completed year for all the girls who maintain participation throughout the year with monthly sessions & community service while maintaining responsibilities with home and school expectations.

Mentor and Mentees South Carolina

How You Can Help

There are countless ways you can help us! You can make a donation (however big or small), join our fundraiser events, or volunteer your time as a mentor.

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